Malaysia Training Providers Association (MATPA)
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59200  Kuala Lumpur.

Tel : 603 22844 148
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  Contact Person:    

Ms. Sarah Santiago (012 2170 610)

Mr RA.Thiagaraja (016 2151412)

Capt. Dr. Thirunavukkarasu Krishnasamy (012 277 7025)



Being a member of the MATPA will be able to share programmes that are developed by the government agencies. Avenue to exchange information and resources within members. Keeping informed with latest development in and around the training industry by attending seminars, forums and dialogue that are conducted by MAPTA.  

It is also a strong platform to cultivate lifelong learning and to provide continuous professional development for trainers and the training providers.

MATPA will be the voice and links of all members to all the statutory, public and private bodies.

MATPA committed to develop initiatives for the betterment and professional development of all members.



The responsibility of the training provider is to develop, conduct and carry out effectively and efficiently these programmes that are relevant in building holistic nations human capital to support industry growth and subsequently becoming high income society.

Training providers’ commitment together with the government in nation building is the MATPA’s utmost obligation. The experiences and knowledge by the trainers and TP’s will be an advantage to nurture knowledgeable workforce and to prepare new talents.

Having mentioned knowledge, MATPA has the responsibility to organize International conferences and forums that are conducted by well-known speakers in knowledge sharing, past experiences and best practises to be understood and to be emulated in Malaysia. Participation in these forums will help the training providers to develop new techniques and methodology in their trainings.

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