Continuous effort to develop knowledgeable workforce and keep informed the members the changes that happen globally.
Inculcate professionalism.
Enhance productive and quality workforce.

To complement and supplement the Government,
to achieve 2020 vision as developed nation status.
To be the global player in the industry.
To achieve professionalism.

Malaysia Training Providers Association (MATPA)
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Ms. Sarah Santiago (012 2170 610)

Mr RA.Thiagaraja (016 2151412)

Capt. Dr. Thirunavukkarasu Krishnasamy (012 277 7025)

  Malaysia since its independence has developed into a strong economy in South East Asia, from raw material producer to industrial nation and to a Hi-Tech country in tandem with the Global changes and challenges that are happening around the world.

Services sector increasingly becoming biggest contributor to Malaysian GDP which demands highly skilful and knowledgeable workforce. This has prompted the Government not only to focus on technological development but to seriously to look into in developing human resources to meet the industries’ demand.

The Government’s aspiration in achieving developed nation status by 2020, the government has the responsibility to draw a strategic plan to change the current workforce to a knowledgeable workforce that could lead eventually to the high-earning population.  
To achieve this goal the government needs to promote Malaysia worldwide to attract investors together with their technology. This will not be possible without the local investors’ corporation either in the form of collaboration or joint ventures.

However, while luring investors, the local industries has to play an important role  in achieving the 2020 status, as Malaysia is exporting hi-tech goods such as electrical and electronic products, petroleum, chemical, machinery, optical, scientific, rubber and wood products and etc. These products are competing in the world market therefore the quality must be maintained and not to be compromised.


Malaysia Government has an obligation to create a pool of skilful and knowledgeable workforce to meet the demand of domestic as well as for the prospective investors’ manpower needs. Various government agencies together with Human Resource Ministry has developed and continue developing programmes to enhance the capability of the existing work force at the same time develop new talents that could meet the industries’ requirement in the future.

To execute this perennial task, the government needs to work together with the Training providers that consist of professionals, academicians, industry experts and qualified trainers in various fields.
All these years, training providers are been identified to carry out the government programmes according to their merits, these training providers some are micro outfit and some are well established Small and Medium Enterprises (SME), but there was no common platform to voice-out their views in any form.

The formation of Malaysia Training Providers Association augurs well for the training providers for their future endeavours. MATPA will not only unite the training providers but acts and represents on behalf of the TPs. Create standards and discipline for all to comply, regardless of the size in getting recognition from the government, industries and the international training providers as well as professional bodies.
Malaysia Training Providers Association (MATPA) is officially registered with the Registrar of Societies in accordance with provisions in the law.



  • To represent the interest of all registered training providers.
  • To promote collaboration among the training providers.
  • To create a common platform for communication between training providers and relevant external agencies.
  • To serve as an apex body between relevant government agencies and training providers in distributing various programs.
  • To establish and maintain effective business networking among the members.
  • Share resources, industry information, thru seminars and forums.
  • To play an important role together with the government in the effort in achieving high income nation.
  • To create avenue and act as professional institution on behalf of the members for any collaborations with International organization and professional bodies.



Bring together all the training providers and create a strong platform to act and represent as one voice to strengthen the training industry to gain recognition by the public and the private sectors. And be a conduit between local and international training organizations and professional bodies.

In line with these objectives, MATPA need strong supporters, this can be achieved by having continuous membership drive nationwide. MATPA expectation in representing the Training Providers in the country will certainly be the voice of TP’s and also be the catalyst in building nations human capital.

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